Tell-Tale Signs of Unconditional Love


I really had so much fun with these art pieces. It’s been quite sometime when I had time for my childhood passion. These mini art clips were inspired by my fair share of love and heart breaks from all my relationships including the one that I love and cherish today. Cheers to the month of love and heartbreaks!

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A not so open letter to my pass


Just a couple of days ago, I made some general cleaning with my storage boxes and found some old letters. I’m not sure how it got in there as I moved out from our old house years ago. These letters were from my closest friends, school mates and my past relationships. This was very timely as I was meaning to post one day an open letter to my past relationships but I could not figure out how to without sounding negatively as there were no closures for them all. Yup, poor me. 🙂

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