Be A Voice Not An Echo


For the past few weeks, my news feeds are all about complaints from the notorious traffic jam, relationship status issue, corrupt government, election propaganda, religion issues and even the infamous end-of-the-world craze. We really do complain a lot, don’t we? But having heard the news from the tragedy on the Syria Crisis, I think it’s about time for us to reflect and offer our sincerest prayers and not just for social network status update.

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Responsible Citizens

File 8-21-15, 3 27 36 AM

Chinese Culture tells us that August is regarded as the Ghost Month. Could be true but we had a different experience, though. In fact, Jed is no longer a ghost. Hurray! August was one of the busiest months that we had lately. In fact, most of my posts are scheduled posts where I made them earlier. Well, all my posts are actually scheduled posts <3. I love how technology makes our lives easier!

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The Future of Online Employment/Business


Work at home is the future for some professionals. It was way back in college, around 9 years ago, that my older brother mentioned this unconventional way of earning money at home, but I was not that interested and was skeptical at first because it is not suitable for my profession. Little did I know that my hidden talents have a high market value online.

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A not so open letter to my pass


Just a couple of days ago, I made some general cleaning with my storage boxes and found some old letters. I’m not sure how it got in there as I moved out from our old house years ago. These letters were from my closest friends, school mates and my past relationships. This was very timely as I was meaning to post one day an open letter to my past relationships but I could not figure out how to without sounding negatively as there were no closures for them all. Yup, poor me. 🙂

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