Origins of Halloween


“The picture that you see above was created by yours truly. This is my way of interpreting the origins of Halloween and graphically designs it in an Info graphic Style. Hope you will enjoy it as well as the narrative below”.

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Tribute to the Blessed Ones

NOVEMBER 1: ALL SAINTS’ DAY – A simple tribute

InforgraphicAllsaintsday_lindsay2013signed“In honor of all the martyrs who died in groups and whose name were unknown as well as to all the Saints known and unknown especially to the modern day Saints in their own little way. Above is an Info graphic about November 1 as All Saints’ Day.” (re-post from my old blog site)

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The Future of Online Employment/Business


Work at home is the future for some professionals. It was way back in college, around 9 years ago, that my older brother mentioned this unconventional way of earning money at home, but I was not that interested and was skeptical at first because it is not suitable for my profession. Little did I know that my hidden talents have a high market value online.

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