I have no idea if this really works and how it works,  but I’m keeping an open mind about this. Remembering what my physician professors taught us about the time we graduated in med school, everything we learn will now be obsolete. I’m talking about a minimum of 5 years where medical information often changes. Since, its been years that I’ve graduated from med school, that means everything I know is already out of date. True enough, Telemedicine was born.

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Be A Voice Not An Echo


For the past few weeks, my news feeds are all about complaints from the notorious traffic jam, relationship status issue, corrupt government, election propaganda, religion issues and even the infamous end-of-the-world craze. We really do complain a lot, don’t we? But having heard the news from the tragedy on the Syria Crisis, I think it’s about time for us to reflect and offer our sincerest prayers and not just for social network status update.

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