Tell-Tale Signs of Unconditional Love


I really had so much fun with these art pieces. It’s been quite sometime when I had time for my childhood passion. These mini art clips were inspired by my fair share of love and heart breaks from all my relationships including the one that I love and cherish today. Cheers to the month of love and heartbreaks!

Only until that I met Jed, I fully understood what it takes to have and keep a relationship.  Don’t get me wrong but I had long-term and short-term relationships in the past and sadly, time is not the essence of a relationship. It is the people inside that relationship matters the most. I may not be an expert when it comes to this matter but I had several experiences that is worth sharing. I’m also not saying that Jed and I have the perfect dream relationship. We also have our ups and downs but at the end of the day, our unconditional love and respect ensues.

When I was young, I had high regards when it comes to relationships and getting married in the long run. But when I grow older, my perspective changed as I met different people in all walks of life. I also realized that marriage is just like any other contract that provides assurance and security. Both as an individual and on each individual’s assets and properties. On top of the tax privilege impose on your salary, of course. And a good foundation for raising kids. It will not protect your relationship but maybe strengthen it and gives meaning and purpose. It will condition your mind to keep it sacred at all times. Other than that, anyone can easily break it like any other contracts. Try searching the history of marriage and you will know what I mean. Human nature at its finest.

Unfortunately, it is the people in that relationship that slowly ruin their own vows. Who knows when it all started but everyone knows where it will end. I just hope and pray, and I’m sure most of us do, that whatever relationship we have right now, hopefully it would be the right and everlasting one. If you’re not in a relationship, it would be the best time of your life. Enjoy every moment of it:)


(adapted from Elite Daily)









Now, if you are currently not in a relationship or it’s complicated, no pressure! Just to let you know, the moment that I said to myself that I will try to love myself first and keep out from having a relationship, (since I just had a couple of broken relationships) that was the time when Jed came. Don’t force it. Don’t fake it. Don’t ran after it. Let it come naturally and let the almighty Father above write your happy ever after. You may meet a lot of wrong people and they will actually help you find, appreciate and cherish the right one. Just don’t loose yourself in the process and beg for it to happen. Promise yourself that!

Do what you love! But be responsible!

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