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Thinking Man2

If I were to sculpt the thinking man, I would have raised his head a little higher facing the heavens.

We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us.

Disclaimer: No social, political and religious prejudice, just my pure opinion base from my experience and enlightenment from my life’s journey, so to speak. For the nosy people out there, you may want to just scroll down the bottom and stop asking questions about me ok. Just saying… 🙂 I love both my followers and bashers. ❤


Most often or not, we shy away from discussing religious customs and political or social issues with friends, family, colleagues and most especially with strangers and acquaintances. Just to prevent any awkward conversation and ignite unwanted situation. If only each of us are open minded, polite and respect each other during that certain occasion, then there will be no taboos anymore.




I want you to read my disclaimer above to prevent any violent reactions before reading further. I’m a Roman Catholic by birth and still choose to be despite the negative things I learn and heard about my own religion and the people in it.

I remember when the movie Passion of Christ was released, it was highly encouraged by my catholic school and a feel good movie to watch during the Holy Week to reflect. But when the movie Da Vinci Code came up, we were prohibited to watch it. Why you may ask? Obviously it attacks the Catholic in the most creative way. The school and its personnel discourages that movie as it may “alter” one’s faith.

Now, here is the big question, why so scared? Scared in loosing one’s faith? For me, if you have a strong connection with God or the Creator, then nothing can break that connection.

If you do some research, most of the religious group have similar origins and people incorporate their “own” customs and traditions to that certain religion and propagate it as something “divine”. Again, we complicate things. We are so proud of ourselves that we declare that we are superior than other people and use our religion with it. Even to the point of harming other people.

But nevertheless, my faith will never change as I feel the presence of the living God. Especially when I learn new things about other religion and admire each and everyone.




According to the United Nations, Earth’s population reached 7 billion last 2011. The term “race” pertains to a group of people who share similar and distinct “physical characteristics”. In the social context it is literally defined by the color of the skin and the facial features. But nowadays, it is defined otherwise.

I must admit that when I was young I hate ALL foreigners regardless of their nationality. They act as they own our land and act like they are superior to us. As if we are uncivilized monkeys and they are the supreme beings that will bring order in our place. (History aside of course). And then my own people would adore them because of their unique physical features and making me feel that we are inferior to them. But that changed overtime when I happen to meet and became friends with genuine foreigners from different continents. Although some people still do feel they are superior. I feel sorry for them.

History and society contributes to our believes about certain characteristics of each race especially if we haven’t have direct personal relation to them. But if we do and unfortunately the bad side of the genetic behavior was seen, that really contributes a lot in our social relations. If only each of us act as the bigger person, in a positive way, instead of acting like spoiled uneducated children.




Some people have high regards about their own history. This characteristic is very evident in our own family ties. The elders are always given the highest respect even though their opinions are not acceptable anymore in the present age but they do have some wise advise that we can heed. Likewise, political dynasty is still evident although packaged in a very pretentious way to deceive people.

I’m no politician but I’m a public servant by heart. These are two different things. Not because you are a politician you are a good public servant and vice versa. Never mix the two please.

Laws are approved to protect the “common” interest but if you don’t belong to that “common” group then injustice ensues. Who approves this law? Well, the people who belong to the “common” good of course. But for me as long as there is peace, prosperity and sustainability to all living creatures, that’s where my vote goes.




Since, we’ve talked about politics and laws, let me push it further to a more personal level. Nosy peeps, here we go. Marriage for me is just another legal bond to protect a couple’s interest. The ring is not an immunity ring rather a security ring. Security in the emotional level, physical level, mental level and even in the social level. It will only legally bind your relationship and assets with your partner.

If you do a little research again about the evolution of marriage and the different customs for each nation, you’ll know what I’m talking about. True that it is mentioned in the Bible or any other religion about it’s sanctity but ever wonder why? Simply because marriage is as fragile as any other legal contract, anyone can break it but if you put something from the “divine”, it is untouchable.

I’m happy and contented with the relationship that I have and I have no urgent plans of getting married because in our hearts, we are already bonded together. Judge us all you want but I’m not into the social-pressure-of-marriage syndrome. We are happy and just leave with that.




Of course, what comes next after marriage? Platonic love. Just kidding. If marriage doesn’t bother me then most especially motherhood. Procreation and motherhood are two different things and procreating will not make me the most successful woman nor define my true essence of being a woman. There are multiple ways for me to show my nurturing qualities like a mother.

Don’t get me wrong because having children will not make me complete or make my life meaningful, although, it is the very nature of our existence. I like to have a child or two someday but not because it will give meaning to my life. I want to have children because I want to show them how beautiful life is and it is a privilege that I want to give them and provide them for and not the other way around which most people think and do.

There you go, just some of my random radicals. Yup, I’m weird and just deal with that. I’m just saying. Cheers to us all in the days to come.

*Photo credits to their respective owners. I’m quite busy to produce my own art. Will be posting my original photos very soon 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Random Radicals

  1. Not at all…. The disconnection of race, the separation of religion, the division of politics and the classification of wealth are all mere teething problems for our naïve young species. These are happening at the beginning of our development – mostly a result of different cultures meeting one another and being thrust together. The wealth issue is the exception, and that’s just greed and more naivety. All this will soon be history:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope so. And in our own little ways, we can really evolve to our full potential without the expense of other people and our planet. Thanks for visiting and I like your blog as well 🙂 and followed your posts.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think to look after the planet we’ll need to address the issue of over-population. Pretty sure future generations will cover that one (as soon as we figure out how to be prosperous without economic growth) (get smarter than capitalism). But yes – anything we can do now in our little ways:)

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  2. Dialogue and questions help reshape our thoughts and the world we live in. It is important to question all the subjects you mention not so much as a challenge, but rather a method to discover greater clarity and meaning.
    Excellent post.

    Liked by 1 person

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