Who’s Your Super Hero?


My very first cosplay costume. Sadly, I don’t have my real pictures. Love to try again someday 🙂

I have this manual for free conversation lesson I use during my class. This is quite fun for my students because it brings back a lot of memories during childhood.

If you happen not to know, aside from having a degree in Medicine. I’m also an English tutor. In fact, my very first job was an ESL teacher to Korean students way back in 2006. Up to now, I’m still teaching the English language to Japanese students online during my spare time.

It’s like a different persona when I’m a teacher and I enjoyed that version of me sometimes. Thanks to my solid foundation when I was young, studying in Cebu (contrary to the Tagalog’s butt jokes for Visayans) and my call center experience and training (where many are called but only few are chosen), I can say, I’m fit for the job so to speak. But it’s the English movies and TV series that contributed a lot really. LOL!

How about we try answering them with a twist. Are you ready?


1. Who is your favorite super hero? Why? 

Com’on, who else could it be? Girl power to highest level! Can you see our resemblance? LOL. No more introduction needed nor explanation. In fact, I was named after her. Period.



2. What super power would you like to have?

Umm, obviously healing powers but not only for myself but to heal others as well. Cheers! You must save the cheer leader!


3. If you had super powers would you be a super hero or a super villain?

Is Maleficent a super villain? Anyhow, she is the epitome of a super hero and a super villain in the movie. I like that combination somehow. Am I weird if I like both? Like what the famous Ender’s Game movie once said,

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves. And then in that very moment when I love them…I destroy them.”


4. Do you prefer dark super heroes like Batman or purely good super heroes like Superman? Why?

Is this about the costume or the character? We all know that both of them have their own dark sides, if you are an avid fan like me. But costume wise, I like this better. Moon Crescent Power Make-up! Black leather suites with cool high-tech gadget is not that bath either.


5. Does a person’s favorite super hero tell you anything about their personality? What does your favorite super hero say about your personality?

Well, this one’s hard. I mean, you can’t plainly judge a person like this nor have the right to judge someone at all. But to answer the question, I like a lot of super heroes, as you can see however it all boils down to having a greater advantage than a regular person and you decide how to use it, and Yellow 4 perfectly sums it all. If you know the story, she could have chosen not to join the Bioman team despite her having amazing fighting skills and yet, she even risk her own life to save one of them and made the team complete once more. You must watch this or you missed half of your life!


6. Are there any real super heroes?

For real? Of course, there are.Take for example my beloved Red Cross Organization. We all came from different walks of life, having different personalities and attitudes but we come together to help and save other people in need. I’m sure we all have our own super heroes in life. BTW we also know how to have fun. I really miss this guys so much T_T. If only I could turn back time. These folks have a big place in my heart despite distance and conflicts.


2011 Philippine Red Cross Community Health and Nursing Services.

7. What is your favorite super hero movie?

Oh my, this is so hard. There are like millions of super hero movies. Alright, just exaggerating but if Pocahontas can be considered as a super hero, then it is my favorite super hero movie of all time. Aside from she is one of my favorite Disney character, I also like the character she portrays and how she protects her own while understanding others. I do believe that we can still live in harmony with our environment and other people at the same time. We just complicate things a bit.


8. Why did super hero movies become so popular?

Seriously? Isn’t it obvious? Billion dollar merchandise. LOL. Kidding aside, we are all kids at heart regardless of our age. It’s nice to reminisce our heroes and see them in 3D, right?


9. Do you think comic books are good or bad for children?

I think, it depends on the content. You know what I mean. But based from experience, comic books inspired me before and even today.

Pugad Baboy Advertisment for Aquafil Pencils & Inks by : PMJunior Digital Colors by : EJQuimpo

Pugad Baboy Advertisment for Aquafil
Pencils & Inks by : PMJunior
Digital Colors by : EJQuimpo

10. How did super heroes changed over the years?

Nothing much, it’s just how they were presented and showcased in movie franchises with a plot twist. They are still our old super heroes in 3D.


So, who are your super heroes? I’d love to hear about them. Just comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe, follow, like and share.

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