Don’t Judge Me, I’m not a Book


Hi guys, it was quite some time that I’ve posted again. October was a very busy month for us and I suddenly missed reading. I honestly admit that when I was young, I hated reading. I prefer creating my own stories through my drawings and transport my self to my imaginary world of adventures. Every time I pick up my pencil, I’m suck into a vortex that no one can pull me out, except of course if it’s meal time. Yep, food is my Kryptonite among other things, which was used by Jed to win my heart. Gosh, this guy is one amazing creature disguising as a human being. He can read minds! Beware everyone, you’ve been warned.

But having a mother like my mama, well, you have no choice but to read and read and read. She would even tell us to read the signboards and billboards on the street while we are travelling. She even “required” us to read newspaper at our very young age of 6. Who would like to do that to their kids?! No one except if you have a librarian-professor-mom! I supposed. However, little did I know that after 10 plus years, here I am, forced to read mountains of books as thick as the walls to learn how to save a life. Not just barely to read but comprehend, understand, remember, apply and share. Tough training for a 6-year-old cute girl, huh?

Now, I honestly believe, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. When I read, I’m also transported into a different dimension where I can go to places I’ve never been. Meet legendary people and apply their wisdom and teachings. Most especially gather the knowledge that can help me become an effective physician and a better person to say the least. It is like I am creating my own imaginary world again full of adventures through texts and not only through the images I create. My mind starves when I haven’t read something in a day or two.




Here are my top book lists, on top of all the medical books ever published of course, which are quite few because of the enormous must-read medical books or maybe I’m just making an excuse. Nevertheless, it is something worth sharing.

1. The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. I’m glad that I was able to read this when I was young. I can totally relate myself to the little prince wherein when someone becomes an adult, you forget about your inner child that brings life to a lifeless world of adults. I’m sure you’ll love this one and you will learn a lot of things. I’m excited for the upcoming movie of my ultimate favorite book!!!!


Major lesson: Grow but never grow old inside.


2. Around the World in 80 day by Jules Verne. Believe it or not, this took me decades to finish. Imagine a 6 year old reading a thick book with small texts and few drawings who doesn’t like to read at all. LOL. But this book trained my eyes, sharpen my vocabulary and an instant sleeping pill if I have hard times sleeping at night. A good cover up too if I’m not in the mood to study. I just flip the pages and pretend I am reading. I’m not sure how this book looks like nowadays, but when I was young this was a big challenge to me. I’m not fond of reading pocketbooks back then which kind of bore me. Well, it’s just me, so no offense. Any book is better that no book at all, right?


Major Lesson: Never back down in any challenge because it is all worth it.


3. The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. Yep, before the movie, there was a book. If the Around the World in 80 days took me decades to finish, this one took me centuries. Why not, I was quite busy with my studies and different extra-curricular activities at school. (The perfect excuse).  But this is one of my best action-suspense book I’ve ever read, the only action-suspense book in fact because I was not able to finish the whole volumes. Blame it to the movie industry! (Another perfect excuse).


Major Lesson: Never loose your identity whatever your circumstances are.


4. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. The very first romance novel I’ve read and this dehydrated me for days. I don’t recommend this if you are currently suffering from any forms of illness especially the broken hearted. Read this when you are happy and you have raging hormones all over your body. Nicholas Sparks put a gold standard in relationship goals nowadays. Good thing because I’ve found my one and only Jed or he found me  🙂


Major Lesson: True love waits and will never end.


5. The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Don’t get me wrong but this helped me become a good leader aside from my experiences of course. This book gives you ‘common sense management’ that we often take for granted. Ok, fine, I admit, there are hidden tactics you can use to win over your enemies. There, satisfied?!


Major Lesson: Common Sense


I’m sorry to disappoint those who are waiting for some kind of Hunger Games Saga, Fifty Shades of Grey, Motivational Books and all the nerdy-elite-top trending books to appear on my list. To each his own and like what I said I’m an old soul ever since I started talking. But these books are classic. Even if some of my friends and colleagues recommend me to read other books, nah, I’ll pass this time. Today, these classic books are relived in TED talks, WordPress Blogs and other blogs as well. I find a lot of inspiring speakers/authors/writers there and its as if I am reading them again. Still, nothing compares with a physical hard bound book you can read, touch and feel on your own pace.

So, what are your favorite books or authors? I love to hear about them. Just comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe, follow, like and share.

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