3 Life Questions

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Me at 30 years

There are 3 life questions that I will never forget in my 30 years of existence.

While growing up and gradually becoming an adult, I always considered myself having an old soul individual as far as I can remember. Although, I still have my child-like enthusiasm about things and still have the naive-about-life look. Yet, deep inside, an old soul is residing. Silently observing and wants to be heard sometimes. In my 30 years of existence, there are 3 questions that kept playing in my head and the answers revealed when I turned 30 this year.


Question Number 1: What is your life’s purpose?

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Overlooking Sierra Madre

This was asked by my college professor who happens to be a nun. Her name is Sister Lanie. It was in our Theology class when she ask this question. It can be answered easily by logic but deep inside me, I really don’t know my personal answer to that.

I remember that my answer was to become a nurse. That was the logical thing to say back then because I was taking up nursing which was my mother’s choice by the way, and remembered how my professor’s facial expression was. She was not even convinced at all and tried to ask my next classmate the same question. Until then, that question lingered in my mind. As time quickly flies and suddenly I was turning 30 years old, the answer was revealed to me. Now I can loudly and proudly answer my professor’s question from the heart.

“Sister Lanie, my purpose in life is to do what I love the most so that I can inspire others to do the same. If you go against what was natural within you, you are fighting your great destiny and true purpose. By doing what you love, you send out a message to the world that there is more to life than just living day after day. I will be able to help make this cruel world a better place to live in.”

I believe that when our body is in tuned with our inner self, we feel more alive. Your creative juices will overflow and no one can stop you. Everything is natural and not forced.

What do I love to do? Isn’t it obvious? I love to do creative things that send out positive messages to my audience or environment. Be it in painting or writing, in talking to my patients or working with my colleagues. I always try to spread the good vibes to everyone through my craft. In other words, an Earth Angel if I may say.


Question Number 2: What is the true essence of a woman?

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Cloud 9 Resort and Restaurant, Antipolo, Philippines

Sounds familiar? Of course, this was the winning question for Ms. Universe 1994 held in the Philippines. Ms. India, Sushmita Sen answered, just being a woman is a God’s gift. “A child comes from a mother, who is a woman. Who also shows his man how to care, share and love.” A simple yet deep answer from an 18-year-old lady.

Well, I grew up watching beauty pageants because of my mother. She even forced my younger sister to join into it because she has the potential. I always tell my mother not to force anything to her if she don’t want it and yet she doesn’t listen, as always. The result, she never bags the crown. My sister has the beauty queen qualities but if it doesn’t radiate within, then she is just another lifeless walking doll on stage.

Growing up, we were always being compared. She is milk and I am coffee they would tease. LOL. But, I never grew any insecurities and jealousy from my younger sister. I’m actually proud to have a beautiful sister. I also grew up accepting my color, height, and simple classic cuteness. 🙂 That’s about it. I love who I am the moment I saw myself in the mirror.

Most of the time woman are supposed to be the epitome of beauty and brains. A fragile little flower that needs to be taken care of. Destined to be a mother and homemaker. A loving wife and a good model for the children. Nothing wrong about it. But that is what “Barbie Society” would dictate and impose to all woman.

For me, the true essence of a woman is correlated with my first answer awhile ago. A woman’s true essence is doing what she loves the most. If it is becoming a mother, then be the best mother that you can be. If that would be a career woman, create an empire from it. If you want your music to be heard, then sing your heart out. If you want to become like Ronda Rousey, then start working out. Regardless of what you love, woman are also entitled to everything men are entitled with and not just being restricted to what the society impose their essence would be.



Question Number 3: Which one will you choose, a glass half empty or a glass half full?

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Crazy Crepes at SM Aura, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

The question I received during our Public Speaking Class in college. To be honest, although I’ve heard that phrase before, but I never know its meaning. Until I was able to do some research about it later on.

The funny thing about Public Speaking is that it is the only moment that people would actually listen to me speak because I am soft spoken in person. I often loose in any formal and informal debate from loud competitors. They are actually just loud but doesn’t make any sense. I need a microphone so people could hear me very well. Lucky me, it was just less than 20 people who attended the class and my voice echoes throughout the room. The perfect set-up for me.

Knowing me as the person who doesn’t back out in any challenges, I confidently stood up and started my speech with an all out smile and acknowledged my classmate, Grace for asking that interesting question. I don’t remember my exact words but it goes something about me not backing down to any challenge. I associated the water with knowledge and the glass with a person’s brain or mind. So, I choose the glass half empty because I am that glass of water. Who only knows a little but still willing to accept a little more to learn and share it with other glasses as it overflows with knowledge.

LOL. And that ladies and gentlemen is how you turn awkward moments to your advantage. I got a high score back then even I was using all the fillers that I know before delivering my point. Kind of like answering a job interview question that you’ve never heard before and yet answering it positively. Pat on my shoulder (bragging aside).

But upon learning the true meaning of that phrase, I would have failed in life’s public speaking class because that phrase will identify a person how he views his life. A glass half empty is viewing the negative side of life while the glass half full is being positive. If I knew the true meaning of that phrase before that epic Public Speaking Class, I would have answered the glass half full.

I’m sure if you have read my other blogs like The Hard Truth Served,  No Such Thing as Accidental, or even just the About Us Page, you will see that I am one of the optimistic person created by God, programmed in every cell of my body.

Those are the 3 life’s questions answered when I reached my 30 years of existence. 30 is the new 20. I don’t even look one, right? Let me know about your life’s greatest journey. Just leave your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “3 Life Questions

  1. You have reached a level of maturity that far exceeds that of an average 30 year old, but then again, why should I assume (incorrectly) that you’re average. I hope the light remains bright in your thoughts as you continue to go through life. Much energy is needed in the field of healthcare and many patients will benefit from yours. Just remember to recharge your batteries by making the time to live life to the fullest. Purpose and Passion will guide you. Experience will teach you how to stay positive and help others achieve their desired outcomes. Stay healthy and happy.

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