Be A Voice Not An Echo


For the past few weeks, my news feeds are all about complaints from the notorious traffic jam, relationship status issue, corrupt government, election propaganda, religion issues and even the infamous end-of-the-world craze. We really do complain a lot, don’t we? But having heard the news from the tragedy on the Syria Crisis, I think it’s about time for us to reflect and offer our sincerest prayers and not just for social network status update.

This is not new to us. Every day, people fight for their lives and escape to a safer place. But this caught our attention because it involves innocent children who died for a better future. Even here in the Philippines, people from rural areas experiencing political conflict would flee to the congested urban areas for a brighter and safer future. But come to think of it, we cause these conflicts and we’re the only one who can stop it.

Every war has its political agenda. Normally, before countries declare war, they would have a dialogue first regarding “the” war. Funny how they could converse about declaring a war and point out their concerns, but never would they talk on how to settle this conflict and prevent a war.

Some business analyst says, war is essential to balance the world economy. Easier said right? But that’s how the game is played. Our lives are worth nothing for these big players. There are greater powers manipulating these crises and surely, it is self-serving. We cannot do about it unless you are among those greater powers.

Apparently, if you’re going to trace back the history of Syria Crisis and other crisis before that, they all have something in common. Natural resources and corrupt government. Do I need to explain further? It is because of our greed that we explore and conquer other lands, deplete  our resources and conquer lands again. Regardless if we need to take lives along with it.

But you know what, there is still hope. For us insignificant players, there is only one thing we can do. Let us protect our resources and make it sustainable for the next generation without stealing and depriving other people’s right for a brighter future. In our own little ways, we can make a difference. May God continue to protect us!

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