Responsible Citizens

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Chinese Culture tells us that August is regarded as the Ghost Month. Could be true but we had a different experience, though. In fact, Jed is no longer a ghost. Hurray! August was one of the busiest months that we had lately. In fact, most of my posts are scheduled posts where I made them earlier. Well, all my posts are actually scheduled posts <3. I love how technology makes our lives easier!

We had to do multiple errands for work, school and business. On top of that would be our responsibility as a Filipino Citizen.

In this post, I will be sharing the steps in acquiring the following:

  1. Barangay Clearance
  2. Voter’s ID
  3. Police Clearance
  4. NBI Clearance
  5. Professional Driver’s License

I’m not sure with other Barangays, though but in our Barangay, we did not bring any documents to obtain a Barangay Clearance. We just went to our Barangay Hall and asked for a Barangay Clearance and fill out some forms. I think this varies per Barangay.



  • Fees vary per Barangay
  • Bring your latest Cedula (Income Tax Return) or you can get one in your own Barangay with a minimal cost of less than P50.00
  • This is valid for 60 days upon issue date
  • Processing time is less than 15 minutes
  • Before, they will take your picture but nowadays, no more photo shoots 😦


We all know that the 2016 Presidential Elections is quite near already and we must do our part to make this country more successful by voting wisely. “No bio-metrics, No vote” is what the government office posts in all the corners of town to remind everyone who would be voting for 2016 to register themselves.


Bring the following:

  1. Valid ID
  2. Photocopy of your valid ID
  3. Pen


  • No payments needed both for new registration and update.
  • Registration and update only took less than 30 minutes.
  • Visit your Municipal Hall before October 31, 2015, to avoid congestion and long queues.
  • Claiming of Voter’s ID will be after elections as per instruction of the COMELEC Officer. Bring your Acknowledgement Paper to claim your Voter’s ID.
  • For Voter’s Information update, proceed to Window 1 and the Comelec Officer will advise you to fill out a separate form. Have your photo taken and you are good to go.

Steps in Registration: (See Image Below)

File 8-21-15, 6 00 31 PM

Next stop would be to our local Philippine National Police (PNP) office to acquire our PNP Clearance for the Land Transportation Office (LTO) purposes. When updating your Driver’s License, they would need an updated Police Clearance to process your request. And if you need another police clearance for a different purpose unfortunately, you have to apply for a new one, again and again and again. “Only in the Philippines!”


Bring the following:

  1. Valid Barangay Clearance (Visit your local Barangay Hall and fee may vary per Barangay)
  2. Updated Cedula (Fees may vary per Barangay)
  3. P 250.00 processing fee (Fees may vary per Municipality)
  4. P 4.00 for photocopy of documents
  5. Pen to avoid buying overpriced pens inside the office (Only in the Philippines!)
  6. A bag of snacks and some jokes while waiting for the ever-so-slow document processing. A fun companion might do the trick as well.


  • Once you’ve submitted the required documents, you will then be scheduled for a photo shoot and PNP ID card pick-up. Give or take 2 days for you to claim your PNP Clearance and ID which will be valid for 6 months upon release. Just pray there will be no technical issues like server maintenance or it will take 3 weeks for you to claim the ID but they will be issuing a temporary certificate honored by all government agencies, like what happened with my case.
  • Always bring your receipt when you are asked to come back on a specific schedule.
  • Procedures and fee may vary per Municipality.
  • Some Municipality will issue a plastic ID card while some are still in paper form. The plastic ID card is good for 6 months upon issue date.

It’s a relief when we found out that we can now process NBI Clearance online. It’s about time for them to level-up their service like when we got our PASSPORTS updated through online appointment. Online transaction is much faster and most red tapes are prevented.


Go to and fill out the needed information.  The instruction is very straight forward and there is a guide as well.

For more detailed steps, you can check the NBI website and follow the instructions.



  • Upon choosing your own schedule for pick-up, you can either go to the designated satellite office as early as possible or 2 hours before they end their shift. In my satellite office, they combined online applicants and walk-in applicants. So, there is still a long queue for 500 applicants that day. At around 2:00 PM, only 200 applicants are being served. Knowing me, who doesn’t want to wait, I just had my receipt numbered and went back 2 hours before their shift ends around 5:00 PM. In less than 5 minutes, I got my NBI clearance without a sweat. No queues, no waiting in vain.

It’s about time for my driver’s license to be renewed and updated. When updating driver’s license from Non-professional to Professional there are few things that you need to bring. Unfortunately, online processing is not yet available in this agency and most branches still have no ID cards available. So, we have no choice but to bring the temporary license with the Official Receipt.


Check the LTO website for the detailed requirements and fees. It took me the whole day to process all the requirements while others will take days before their requests to be processed because of some technical difficulties with the LTO’s servers and computers. I hope you will not encounter this type of issue.


  • Keep your Official Receipt at all times because when it’s time for you to renew your license, it is still needed aside from your Driver’s ID of course.
  • Better get your TIN ID which is the most common requirement for any government agency. You can visit your nearest Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) office for more details on how to get one.
  • As always, the Plastic ID is not available for most branch so you have to deal with temporary IDs which is good for 6 months. Keep following up for the official ID. Like what I said, “Only in the Philippines!”

This is just a simple public service and reminder for my countrymen that the only way for our country to succeed is to do our part as responsible citizens.

***I will update this post from time to time.

Vote Wisely and be a Responsible Citizen! Let me know if you have additional information on these agencies. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share.


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