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There are a lot of apps and websites that are fun to try and visit. Especially when it involves something about oneself. The irony of knowing our origin is reflected in knowing who we really are. But that would be a lengthy discussion, so why not just enjoy these apps and websites. Check out our results.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored blog nor I am affiliated with the website. I just found it online and had a great time with it. You can try it for free at http://www.curiositest.com/en/games




All this time, I thought my name “Lindsay” came from the Linden Tree. LOL. But according to my mother, it was my father who named me from the famous Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner. While my second name Ruth, which happens to be my Doctor Aunt’s second name as well, came from the Bible character Ruth.


Wow! Now we’re talking. A King and a winner combined. Jed is a great conqueror in his own rights. He mentioned that his dad named him from the city he worked to which is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, if I’m not mistaken.




Well, things do change. I would totally disagree if this was 10 years ago. It is the complete opposite now. I do sure hope that my reward is just waiting for that perfect time to happen.


100% Agree when it comes to love, money and sleep. But for the eat, um, I think there was a mistake. It should be more like love. LOL. Jed is a simple person to look at, but he is a very deep person. I like talking with him a lot and listening to him.




This would be my practical dream job. As a person who studied for more than 20 years already, where almost half of my life was spent learning and finishing a post-graduate degree and still counting for medical specialization in the near future, I can say that the Philippine Curriculum is not equipped to create innovators and financially literate Filipino citizens. We are educated to become employers and slave of the corrupt system. So, I wish I was financially literate the moment I know how to count the numbers.

Jed Profession

Lawyer/Investigator, to be precise. Jed actually once mentioned to me that he wants to be an astronaut. But having his innate skills in probing, investigation and analytical skills, he might have a chance of becoming Attorney Jed. 🙂




OMG! I love this movie and felt so proud that the co-director is a Filipino! Mabuhay! Yup, I am the worry-wart in this dynamic duo team. I just can’t help it. You can never be too safe.


Perfectly described! Like what I mentioned in my previous blog post, The Hard Truth Served, Jed is the most optimistic person in the whole universe, inside and out.

You must try these fun games. Let us know your results 🙂

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