The Hard Truth Served


They say blood is thicker than water. But I say a blood-borne disease is fatal and detrimental than a water-borne disease.

DISCLAIMER: This is not for the faint of heart, righteous, perfect human beings, judgmental and pessimistic. This is not a propaganda nor bad mouthing other people. This is the hard truth that will be disclosed by yours truly. You are also welcome to explore my average, but genuine short articles if you can’t bare this long and hard truth of being a blogger and being me combined. Inspired by Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present. This is my version of “The Artist is Always Present: The Hard Truth Served”


There are pros and cons of being a blogger or writer per se. Regardless of the type of blogger or writer you are or the content and style of your articles, you will always expose a portion of yourself to the world. In this digital environment, you will be in the middle of an open arena for commendation and or condemnation. Surely, it will reveal your vulnerable side and mask your strengths as an individual with emotions, intellect, and free will. This even includes business blogs or websites that only highlights their allegedly superb and perfect services, you will still see their flaws. If you are a writer, you know what I mean but if not, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, so just enjoy reading your favorite business blogs and one day you will realize what I’m saying.

From the manner of writing up to how you organize your thoughts and the credibility of your information, you are now virtually at the mercy of your readers. That is why as a blogger or writer, you must think multiple times before posting not just due to emotional outburst and whatnot.

However, if you will think about it, who cares what you are publishing online? If that’s what you like, then go ahead, satisfy that hunger pains. It doesn’t matter actually when your readers are strangers or online passerby. What matters is that when the people who knows you and read your work and eventually discovers the other side of you, that’s where the story and conflict begins.


A blog defined by Merriam-Webster is a website that contains online personal reflections, comments and often hyperlinks provided by the writer or the blogger in this context.

For me, it was all an accident, a twist of fate and a choice, I think.

It all started during my darkest moments of my life. A knight and shining armor came to my rescue. He did not carry me and brought me to a safer place, but rather he showed me the way out of my dark tunnel by walking beside me and holding my hands unto that promising ray of light. He did this not with all his might and glory but with all his heavy baggage hidden from the naked eye.

I thought I’m the most optimistic person in this world because of all the hardships I experienced and never giving up. I silently complain, though, but I never gave up and quit. Then all of a sudden, I met this guy who was surprisingly more optimistic than me despite all of his battles in life. He conquered them all that not even Hercules nor any other Demigods could bit him down. And yet, he is as real as I am. Yes, he is no other than the silent contributor and inspiration of this blog, Jed. I’m definitely sure that he was sent to me by all the heavenly powers known by men. You will not believe how our story begun which I might feature in my next blogs. I’ll still think about it, though.

So, it’s clearly through Jed that my creative muse was awakened once more. He also believed in what I’m capable of and tried to tune it all into the ever-changing online world. Little did he know that I had my share of training, experience, and background in writing and arts, but I never paid attention with them because I was too busy about a lifeless life designed by the people and events in my life. Until, he broke the chains that tied up my strong and beautiful wings. Now, I can say that I’m in full throttle. I may be slow and discrete but I am building my perfect speed in time up until both of us can fly high and free. Then, help other people in captivity and bandaged with invisible chains that prevents them from claiming their own freedom and getting out from their own rat race in life.


I can’t see any valid reason why I can’t blog. Even people with disabilities can blog then why can’t I? In fact, blogging has all the good things you might also want for yourself. Let me enumerate them one by one for visual presentation.

  1. Passive Income. I won’t be a hypocrite about this. It’s been a long known fact that you can monetize your blog site. Although, it will take years of hard work, dedication, quality content and a lot of SEO, HTML/CSS codes on the side to establish an effective blog site. If you have all the technical skills this would be an easy breezy work for you. But if not, a little research and studying about this endeavor will not hurt and you will get a hang of it eventually. Who knows, you might be one of those millionaire bloggers who travels and have the time of their life paid all by their blogs. Don’t worry about the content, remember my blog’s subtitle? “Do what you love”. You can write everything about what you love, share your talent and story to the world. Then everything will follow including the money, speaking from experience. In fact, I have multiple foreign clients who hire me to do their websites or blogs. Still, it involves writing with additional $$$. Not bad.
  2. A Different Art Therapy. I’m an artist in my own rights. Since, I was a young girl, I’m already artistically inclined. In fact, I won multiple competitions from my school and national leagues with this God given talent of mine. However, like what I’ve mentioned, since I was too busy building the lifeless life designed by other people and events around me, I had to put my art skills aside. For me, writing is similar with painting. It uses words, layouts, and photographs to relay your message to your audience instead of color paints, brush, and canvas. Creating an art is a therapy for me. It helps me to express my thoughts and emotions in a creative manner. It helps my ideas to flow naturally and inspire me to work and do my best in all my endeavors. Unfortunately, I was discouraged by my own mother about it. She deprived me with one thing I love the most, but I still persisted and obeyed her wish to become a doctor. She knows nothing about me at all except for my market value and her own personal benefits. I can’t blame her, I’m the perfect one man army type of soldier that can deliver the goods in great condition. But as I grew up, I learn to love myself by giving in with the call of my muse within me that recharges the battery of that perfect soldier outside.
  3. Knowledge is power and No man is an island. When I blog, it means I have an information worth sharing. Although most of my blog is about inspiring others to do what they love, it still requires credible information that is well researched to be of help for the readers. Sometimes, I feature public service information for others to become aware of what is happening around the world. Most of the time, we are all preoccupied in our own little world without knowing that there is more to life than what is happening to ours. Blogging is also a great avenue to share what I’ve learned about my different experiences that someone might be going through as well however not yet ready to receive any insights and preferred to clam up on their own private space.

Remember that even if you gain a helpful knowledge that you think would be of a great help to others, some people are not yet ready to listen. So, I leave them be. It is through my blogs that I can write every life lessons that I had and hopefully one day, that person would be ready to read and listen to what I like to say on their own pace at the right time.


If you are a Roman Catholic like I am, ever wonder why ordained priests are assigned to parishes far from their hometowns? Actually, a professor of mine and a priest shared their thoughts about this already. So any guess yet?

Well, it is because to prevent the parishioners of that hometown, where the priest grew up and witnessed his adulthood unfold before their eyes, from judging that priest who is the bearer of the word of God. Who would likely to believe on that priest if he was known for being a bastard, abandoned, promiscuous teen, drunkard and all the negative attributes of a human being? No one, right? Despite their conversion and atonement of sins, these holy people are not spared by our human nature to judge, discretely or vulgarly.

Likewise in blogging. It’s funny to know that people who don’t know me are the ones sharing my articles, liking it and even subscribing it without me asking. They even give you commendation, of course, online marketing strategy aside, they are the ones who actually appreciate your work. Unlike the people who know you, they would either raise their eyebrows and won’t even finish reading your articles. Because, they assume that they “know” you already and not worth their time. Worst, they judge you already just by reading the title.

So, if you are one of the lucky few who are supported by their own family in this endeavor, be grateful because a supportive family is the strongest foundation a person could have in this cruel world. If not, don’t feel so depressed! There is still hope.

Medically speaking, there are certain anatomic and physiologic component in our human body structure that affects our mood and behavior. But don’t you ever forget that you are a rationale being capable of thinking as well. You can overcome any challenges if you believe in yourself. Unless proven otherwise to have mental or personality disability. It is all about mind setting and change of perspective.

I would like to leave you a great quote from the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez. “Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.”

Start you own blog! Help inspire and inform the world! You are a precious gem waiting to be discovered!

Let us know about your thoughts, comments and even violent reactions below.

Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share.


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