The Bang Cafe: The Delicious Way of Helping


This caught my attention when Jed and I were strolling in town. This cafe used to be a bank that I used to know where I often accompany my dear friend Yeuniz for some bank errands way back in college. Located near the St. John the Baptist Parish Church in Taytay, Rizal.

Their menu is similar to any other cafe in the metro with a cozy ambiance. From complete meals and snacks to different hot and cold drinks. Price is reasonable and I’ve heard they get busy during weekends with guest bands serenading their clients. Parking is good for a couple of motorcycles but other than that, you might want to find a bigger parking area nearby and go there during non-peak hours to avoid this little town’s busy streets.

But what struck me the most is their slogan “The Delicious Way of Helping.” They also have mural-collage images painted on one of their walls that portray different outreach programs. Since, we were in a hurry, I wasn’t able to have a short chitchat with the crew to know the story behind this cafe. All I know is that they opened their doors last April during Easter Sunday for the people of Taytay. They even highlight how the locals speak through different slogans painted on their walls. I will feature them soon in my blog so watch out for it. This is my kind of cafe, where you dine and help others at the same time, if I may say.



Have you visited this place? I’d like to hear more about it so that we can share it to the world. Just leave your comments below.

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