No Such Thing As Accidental


“What is accidental from our perspective is specifically allowed by God” – Anonymous

I’m sorry folks, but I really have to share this guy’s story and inspire people who are going the same path in life.

One of the biggest television networks in the Philippines, ABS-CBN, has this noontime show called “Showtime” that had a stand-up comedy segment competition, “The Funny One”. I’m not sure if this is the first of its kind but as far as I can remember another network-competitor, GMA, already had this type of show called “Comedy Bar” which did not last that long in television though, years earlier than Showtime. Anyways, I’m not a journalist or columnist, so I won’t dwell on this too much. I just have a funny bone all over my skeletal system and can’t help sharing a talent when I see one.

My point here is that the grand champion for the stand-up comedy segment “The Funny One”, who is Ryan Rems “Komikerong Rakista” Sarita, made a short speech after his victory that surely most of us got teary eyed and made half of the world admire him more.

He said that everything was an accident. He was actually applying as a writer in multiple television networks including ABS-CBN. However, there were no vacancies. The ABS-CBN writers then suggested Mr. Sarita to audition for an upcoming show that showcase stand-up comedians like him and that is where the “alamat” or legend begun.

Comedy shows in the Philippines have a different approach. Most would have literally a funny face or would do the 3-Studios type of antics where we laugh so hard when someone gets hurt. Are you familiar with the Top 10 Funniest show in Fox Channel? That is a comedy show for us already. I really don’t know why.

But when Ryan Rems performed on stage he was an unusual comedian. I like the character he portrays (a rock star junkie) and the humor in his jokes. He doesn’t like to make fun about other people but instead he makes fun of himself and his appearance, which by the way is very unusual for a comedy show in the Philippines. Another thing is that he uses real life scenarios in the Philippines and deliver it in a funny and intelligent way. Not all could catch his humor since most are still stuck-up on the 3 studios type of comedy.

Before the show ends, he said that short speech and tried not to cry. For him everything was an accident but little did he know that it is his destiny to share his talent to the whole world or at least half of the world that he wants to conquer as he always say.

Base from the different articles that I’ve read about him, no one believes in his talent, but still he persisted. Congratulations! Idol Ryan Rems Sarita for conquering half of the world! Keep spreading the good vibes! Olryt! Rock and Roll to the world!

Looking forward to watch your shows in the future!

Number One Fan, Rock and Roll Girl, Lindsay and Secret Number One Fan, Rock and Roll Boy, Jed

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