No Rice?


“Ma’am, Sir, sure po kayong di kayo nag order ng rice para sa King Bee chicken? Ano po un, take out?” – Mr. Waiter

For my foreign friends here, the passage that you’ve just read is what the waiter said in Filipino to us while dining in a Chinese Restaurant in a newly opened mall near our place.

“Ma’am, Sir, are you sure you didn’t order rice for our King Bee chicken? Is it for take-out?” asked the waiter.

Jed and I were bewildered with his question. And it took me some time to respond. I said, “Yes, we didn’t order rice and just ordered some dish. We are on a diet so we’ll just eat the chicken without rice. Is there a problem, Sir?” I jokingly said. Then the waiter smiled and still confused looking at us and all the “ulam” or dish we’ve ordered on the table, without rice.

At first, it was a little bit annoying because it’s not his business if we order rice or not. But then, I realized, he was just confirming our order, just by judging one of us (guess who?), who looks like someone who can devour a whole chicken in minutes. So, we just laughed when the waiter left and made some jokes about it. (Jed and I have the same sense of humor by the way, that only us can understand without offending other people of course).

That somewhat made our day because we had a failed errand that same day and any food is truly a comfort food for us. The moral lessons, if there are any are:

  1. That rice is still the main staple in the Philippines whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks.
  2. Most of the time people judge other people and assume a lot.
  3. Good thing there are polite ways to ask and respond.
  4. Sad to say, some are so consumed to what they are doing or having at the moment without even minding what they thought and said nor their environment they were in.
  5. Don’t take things seriously, just have fun and enjoy the moment.
  6. I must go alone when buying some stuff in a bookstore because Jed always call those stuff “knick knacks”.
  7. Don’t drink a large sized milk tea if you are planning to eat a meal after. (We love milk teas and we’ve discovered another tea house. I’ll feature that next time)

Not all our adventures are grandiose. Most of them are simple things in our daily simple lives worth sharing. Let us know if you have a similar experience.

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