The Adventures of Worrywart and Adrenaline Junkie


Jed and I are the self-proclaimed-epitomes of Yin and Yang. We met in an unlikely place and fell in love like we have loved each other for thousands of years ago. A lot of people judge us, but we don’t mind at all and we get even stronger and better. Hair flip!

Nobody knows how long we will be together, but we are enjoying the most out of it. Maybe because we have our shares of past love and heartaches or we just became mature adults in some way. Nevertheless, we were in the right place at the right time when stupid cupid aimed his love arrows to us.

This blog is not about bragging relationship goals and whatnot. We also have our ups and downs but like Yin and Yang, we try to practice the art of balance to resolve conflicts as much as possible. Lucky us, we are both mild-mannered individuals and do not take things seriously. We still have our childlike-selfies within us.

But do not be fooled folks! Our looks can be deceiving. So, can you guess who is the Worrywart and the Adrenaline-Junkie between the two of us? Well, you have to find out in our next adventures. Let us know and just leave your comments below.

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