I Hate Wearing White Coats


Ever since I was a Nurse, I always wanted to get involved with the community by empowering them with their health care. As much as I can, I always volunteer to go to far-flung areas, prison cells, disaster areas and the like where medical attention is needed the most. Now, that I’m a Physician, I can serve them better.

A reminder to us all, “it’s not titles that honor men but men that honor titles”. Whatever titles or awards that you have, that title or award is only worth what everybody has put into them. Hence, we should honor the titles or awards given to us by being worthy of them.

It is more appropriate to say that we are honoring the title or award with our actions, not the other way around just to honor ourselves.

Alma Mater, Family Name, American English Accent, Perfect Physique, High Board Exam Score, Affiliated Hospital, Stethoscopes, and White Coats don’t define a doctor. You have to be one to know one so stop judging, please. Love and respect will have a huge difference for us all.

Watch out for my exciting White-Coats-off adventures. Yes, you read it right, I hate wearing white coats! For any violent reactions and/or comments, just leave them below.

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2 thoughts on “I Hate Wearing White Coats

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to offer the services of a physician without worrying about ego issues than many carry and assume comes with the job. You get to focus on people as well as self development and growth. You will see that your patients will teach you as much (or more) than you teach them. They are a source of unlimited resources. They are each UNIQUE even if there anatomy and physiology appears similar.
    I have recently retired from practice and continue to have a passion for health and people. I will lecture, write and continue to contribute in any way possible to teach people how to take care of their own bodies. The best doctor I have experienced lives within each of us. Provide this doctor with the tools essential for healthy living, and watch the miracle of life unfold.
    I wish you happiness and success as you pass YOUR MESSAGE on to your patients. Finding purpose and meaning through delivering healthcare to patients has been the greatest gift I have given and received.

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    • Thank you 🙂 I really appreciate your views, advice and wisdom. I still have a long road to take though and I’m packing up all the needed attitude to tap into the healers within each of us, especially to my patients’. 🙂

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