How To Save A Life


Saving lives is not just attending to the immediate physical needs like airway, breathing and circulation. It also means saving the next generation’s future.

As far as I can remember, I admire mother nature so much. I’m mesmerized with the beauty she has to offer from the tiny little insects to majestic rows of mountains. Sadly, I can only do much to save her. I want the next generation to experience the things I’ve experienced with her that they too will become her own guardians and keepers.

The Tanay Mountaineers are one of those keepers of Mother Earth. They make sure that the future generation will still have clean water to drink, warm shelter, and eco-livelihood without the expense of killing mother nature herself. One of their members and my big sister from another mother and father, Ate Eliza, invited me and Jed to participate in their tree planting activity to save the last remaining rainforest in Tanay, Rizal. This rainforest is the heart and lungs of this town and we are responsible for keeping it healthy and sustainable.

So, without second thoughts we packed our things and got so excited for the event the following day. It was raining the night before so the terrain that we took was a little bit muddy. We’ve passed through uphills, downhills, farm land and even a little river on the way to reach the top of the mountains of Tanay. In short, a little rock climbing and mountain climbing activity happened. We were actually escorted by the Philippine Military and the Local Government of Tanay that made our trip safer within the rainforest. The most exciting part was that we rode a 6 wheeler truck back and forth to the said venue.

Guess who climb the mountain first? No other than Jed the “Jet Lee of the Philippines” himself and the physically fit people of the team. He totally forgot about me when were climbing and waited for me on the top, with a big smile and muddy hands and pants. He said that he was actually testing his limit and if he stops then all his circulation would not compensate very well with the climb. Oh really? Now, he becomes the medical expert. (He actually means, I’m a big girl and can take care of myself without any help from a man). But anyways, he did have a great workout back there and was more excited than me. I’m just happy that he was happy and safe.

I think it was his first climb, because as a volunteer with the Philippine Red Cross, that mountain is nothing compared to the mountains I’ve climbed before.

Upon arriving at the top of the mountain, we were told to plant the Narra Seedlings which, by the way, was a little bit heavy and each person must carry at least two. So, we chose a very good spot for our baby Narra Trees to grow. Of course, we always chose the best. The local residents will watch over those seedlings until they grow. Hopefully, we can visit our tree of love someday and plant more trees to the different parts of the Philippines and including the world. A simple gift for mother earth’s kindness to us humans.

Our trip ended with an unlimited fresh coconut juice to quench our thirst, bonding with Ate, a boodle fight of local delicacies and a chance to get to know other people from different walks of life with the same advocacy. And another boodle fight for Jed after the first round. He actually went back to the festive table to eat for a second round. He was so cute when he eats like that. No wonder he got so fluffy.

Now you know, saving lives is not just providing airway, breathing and circulation. But more importantly a bright, healthy and sustainable future for the next generation to come. I encourage you to do your part as guardians and keepers of our one and only Mother Earth.

Until we meet again Mother Earth! Happy 2nd year Narra Tree!

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